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Birth: Monday 31 May 1948 Manchester (UK)
Death: Thursday 18 April 1991 Manchester (UK)



In his role of producer, Martin Hannett worked with practically all the bands from the Manchester area that came to prominence in the late 70s. He also intermittently produced the groups of the 80s that established Manchester's international reputation as a hot-bed of young musical talent
After completing further education, where he had spent all his time playing bass guitar in bands and promoting local concerts, he toured with Paul Young (of Mike And The Mechanics). He also managed a musicians' co-operative and worked as a soundman before being approached by the
Buzzcocks to produce their Spiral Scratch EP in 1977
Following this he helped
Joy Division fashion their sound in the studio, producing them, and encouraging their use of synthesizers. This resulted in the brutal and isolating feel of Unknown Pleasures on the one hand, and the mesmerizing beauty of Closer on the other, both now considered classic albums. The band worked with Martin Hannett on 1981's Movement, their debut as New Order, but were disappointed with the results; this was to be their last collaboration. An integral part of the band's subsequent success, Martin Hannett was made co-director of their label, Factory Records. This, however, did not interfere with his production schedule, working with U2, the Only Ones, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, Psychedelic Furs, Magazine and numerous other bands in the early 80s
Late 80s, again it was Martin Hannett who helped shape the sound that had a profound influence on the UK music scene. He produced the Stone Roses' debut single So Young and Happy Mondays' Bummed album which provided the blueprint for a host of young hopefuls as the 90s began. He was held in high regard throughout the UK music business, described by those who worked with him as a genius whose instincts behind the mixing desk almost always paid off. But away from the studio he had a reputation for irresponsible behaviour and his drink-and-drugs lifestyle accelerated his declining health. He died from a heart attack on Thursday 18 April 1991



Manchester Polytechnic (dropped out of a chemistry degree) Manchester (UK)



Ran Music Force, a music co-operative Wythenshawe, Manchester (UK)

Was one of the three managing director of Rabid Records Manchester (UK)

Contributed New Manchester Review Manchester (UK)



He became well-known via his work with Factory Records; he produced almost all Joy Division recordings