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Played the drums in Warsaw from Thursday 30 June to Monday 1 August 1977. He was enrolled in the band after drummer Tony Tabac left. On Monday 1 August 1977, he definitely left Warsaw for his other band (Panik). Later, for a few months, he also played the drums in Fast Cars
He was replaced in Warsaw by
Stephen Morris

Warsaw's first concert with Steve Brotherdale took place on Thursday 30 June 1977 at the Rafters, Manchester (UK)
Monday 18 July 1977, Warsaw recorded their first five songs at the Pennine Sound Studios, Oldham (UK)



Steve seemed hyperactive - his eyes appeared to be everywhere but on the person he was talking to and he soon earned himself the nickname of Steve 'Big Mouth'
Although Steve Brotherdale was an excellent drummer, the power and aggression which initially got him into Warsaw became his downfall. The other members of the band found it impossible to work with such a personality. When he got out of the car to investigate a supposed flat tyre, they simply drove off and left him
(Source: Deborah Curtis Touching from a distance)