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New Order initially started on a similar route as their previous incarnation, performing melodic, dark songs. Soon however, they found their own sound and became a well known icon in new wave and alternative circuits, exhibiting a good deal of longevity. They have heavily influenced techno, and were themselves influenced by the likes of Donna Summer and Kraftwerk. New Order and Joy Division were both among the most successful artists on the Factory Records label, run by Granada television personality Tony Wilson, and partnered with Factory in the financing of the Manchester club The Hacienda. Unusually for such a major group, New Order never had a formal contract with their label. (This was in fact Factory's normal practice until the mid-1980s. As Tony Wilson put it, "all our bands are free to fuck off whenever they please".) Because of this, the group (rather than Factory Records) legally owned all their own recorded material. This has often been cited, not least by Tony Wilson himself, as the main reason why London Records' offer to buy the ailing label in 1992 fell through
Their music has tended to be heavily synth-based, like other new wave bands', and among their better known hits are True faith (1987), and Bizarre love triangle (1986). Their 12"-only release Blue monday is the best selling 12" single of all time, though because the packaging was so elaborate resembling a large 5" floppy disk the band was said to lose a small amount of money on each copy sold
New Order recorded the official song for English football team's 1990 World Cup bid, World in motion, under the ad-hoc band name EnglandNewOrder. The song, co-written with comedian Keith Allen, was a number one UK hit
In recent years New Order have become more comfortable with the
Joy Division era of their repertoire, often performing live versions of Joy Division classics such as Transmission and Isolation
Joy Division and New Order were portrayed in the film 24 Hour Party People, which depicts Factory and its bands during their heyday
Their 2001 release Get Ready is a departure from their older style as it is not heavily synth-dependent, but the bass-playing and
Bernard Sumner's vocals make it still sound distinctively like New Order
New Order released their new album Waiting For The Sirens' Call on Friday 8 April 2005



Line-up: Gillian Gilbert (guitar, keyboard) | Peter Hook (bass) | Stephen Morris (drums) | Bernard Sumner (vocals, guitar)