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Revenge was Peter Hook's first side project. Other members were Dave Hicks (guitar) and Chris Jones (keyboards). Dave Hicks was later replaced by David Potts. Peter Hook and David Potts later formed Monaco
Revenge's songs typically developed from instrumental jams.
Peter Hook's own methodology caused him frustration when it came time to add lyrics, because he had to work within an established structure. By then, the arrangements were unforgiving
The band were formed after the unofficial split up of
New Order in 1989/1990 and ceased to exist in 1992



Line-up: Dave Hicks (guitar) | Peter Hook (vocals, bass, keyboards, drums) | Chris Jones (keyboards) | David Potts (guitar, vocals)
Late members: Ged Duffy | Mike Hedges (drums) | Ashley Taylor (live drums) | Brian Whittaker (bass)