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Date: Wednesday 7 November 1979

Venue: Pavilion – West Runton (UK)



01. Atrocity exhibition
Duration: unknown

Availability on record:


Total duration: unknown



Line-up: Ian Curtis | Peter Hook | Stephen Morris | Bernard Sumner

Concert organization: Asgard

Opening for: Buzzcocks
Joy Division were chosen to support the
Buzzcocks on their fifth British tour (Tuesday 2 October–Saturday 10 November 1979)



At the beginning of Joy Division's set, the band was only playing through their amplifiers and the music was so very quiet that people in the front were able to converse freely. As the set progressed, however, the volume gradually increased so that by Atrocity exhibition the sound was up to full strength. More out of the ordinary, Ian dedicated Atrocity exhibition to a local band named Stranger Still, and to all the people there that night from King's Lynn, Norfolk. The band was feeling more congenial that night than usual, taking the time to sign autographs and answer questions backstage after the gig
(Source: Mark Johnson – An Ideal for living)