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Date: Sunday 10 September 1978

Venue: Royal Standard Bradford (UK)



01. Ice age
Duration: unknown
Availability on record:

02. Day of the lords
Duration: unknown

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03. She's lost control
Duration: unknown

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Total duration: unknown



Line-up: Ian Curtis | Peter Hook | Stephen Morris | Bernard Sumner

Audience: about 200250 people

Opening act: Emergency (later called Foreign Press)




Ticket price: 80p (advance) | 1 (doors)



A Sunday gig, we'd meet mid afternoon at Little Peter Street, full weekends were always fun, Joy Division played Eric's, Liverpool [Saturday 9 September 1978], not too far away for the post gig drive home. As always, all the gear would have been unloaded the night before rather than left overnight in vans, both bands now making their own way to Bradford
The Royal Standard is your typical large Victorian public house, located directly on the main Bradford road; the pub has a large lounge, public bar and 'function' room, accessible from the main road through a separate entrance, as usual we walked into a room full of last nights activity, stale beer, full ash trays and the smell of a busy night still lingering in the air
The function room itself featured a permanent stage located at one end of the oblong room, and directly opposite the main doors. The stage itself rises to approximately 2 feet in height, with good depth, easily able to accommodate a full back line and PA leaving ample room for the band, The ceiling was of medium height, and offered excellent acoustics, the mixing desk (or 'sound board' as I now see its named very posh) sat at the far end wall, (underneath heavily curtained windows) in the corner next to the main double doors, (which, after unloading, were locked, public access being through the bar). It should be noted at this point that our Landlord is very enthusiastic, though I feel his era may have been the '50's, he still rocked, and one of the few Landlords who actually helped set up, dragging in a couple 'volunteer roadies' (always guys hanging around at any gig and always welcome)
One of the problem's with having a support is what to do with the equipment after their set, in the case of the Royal Standard, this was not a problem, being plenty of room to stage left. Setting up involved Joy Division's gear against the wall, with Emergency setting up in front, both kits were built, Joy Division sound checked and levels (analogue) marked on the 24-track desk,
Ian would do his now obligatory, 'more foldback' routine (vocals back through 'foldback bins', or speakers, located at the front edge of the stage, facing the vocalist (with one for the drummer). Both kits are mic'd, thump thump thump of the bass, snare, floor and rack toms, hi-hat, crash and ride cymbals, followed by the words every drummers loves to hear, "ok... full kit" (never fails to attracts an audience). Emergency's sound check follows, same routine. The lighting sparse, white and very effective is checked, the shows ready to roll, excitement now hanging in the air, so it's time for a beer
Doors opened (or at least the pub) and payment is taken over a side table, memory fades as to whether we (both bands) take the door money, a percentage of the bar or a bit of both, Emergency open to a packed standing room only house, I would guess at 200
250 (gives an indication to the size) and played a fast and full set, Ralph Bowe on vocals, grasping the mic stand in both hands, leaning at the waste, although more Ferry than Rotten, the band take the crowd into a pogo frenzy peak with the aptly named "When the screaming stops" searing guitars (audience enthusiasm dictating the tempo) a couple of encores complete the set, time for a break and a breath, next up Joy Division
By this time the place is hot and sweaty, everyone's in good form, the support have doe their job setting the audiences adrenalin pumping', for some Joy Division is a new experience, lights dim, white lights flicker and burn, an instrumental warms the crowd, and then "Good evening, we're Joy Division"
Ian dictates in his deep tonal almost nasal voice, the up lights now picking out his ashen face, I know not the set order, I do recall arms swirling between vocals, to Ian's left, a low slung bass, almost trailing the floor, swaying, the crowd match his movement, a crisp shirted guitarist stands motionless, serious, top button fastened, "o oh ohh living in the ice age" [from the song Ice age], "where will it end?" [from the song Day of the lords], "she's clinging to the nearest passer-by" [from the song She's lost control], the crowd are pushing up against the stage, good humoured, bodies called to keep them back, I'm linking arms with our friendly Landlord, "keep 'em back" is the shout, another couple of encores, it's over, we all depart until the place is cleared (anonymity between artist and audience), it's time to pack up, cables wrapped, flight cases loaded, chalk this one up, a great nights work, no faults from anyone, where next, for now it's back to Little Peter Street, always a drag of a journey back, any chippies open?, another session of waking the watchman, we're in, unloaded and it's a "see you tomorrow" from all
(Source: Colin Blades, of Emergency)