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Date: Saturday 31 December 1977

Venue: Swinging Apple Liverpool (UK)



01. The passenger
Duration: unknown
Availability on record:


Total duration: unknown




Line-up: Ian Curtis | Peter Hook | Stephen Morris | Bernard Sumner

Last performance under the name Warsaw



The club was the size of a back-to-back terraced house. By the time the band had set up, the venue had the atmosphere of a small youth club. At first the few people there stood politely in front of the stage, but when manners turned to disappointment, they all sat down on the floor with their backs against the wall. In desperation Warsaw launched into a cover of Iggy Pop's The passenger and the audience stood up again. The highlight of the evening was midnight not just because it was New Year's Eve, but because in true Liverpudlian tradition everybody ran out into the street to welcome the New Year in. The Manchester lads seemed puzzled by the bonhomie
(Source: Deborah Curtis Touching from a distance)