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Monday 27 August 1979 concert review

Magazine: Melody Maker (UK)

Publication date: Saturday 8 September 1979

Reviewer: Jon Savage



ZOO met Factory half-way (between Liverpool and Manchester) and very few came Blame it on the site hastily prepared fields a mile outside Leigh, surrounded by an East Lancs landscape of collieries, slag-heaps, bare hills sloping into dull 1930's estates and the inevitable Victorian mill. Inaccessibility and uncertain weather, plus inadequate promotion/media coverage, resulted in a turn-out (200) a tenth of the original estimate
Joy Division come into the dark like a late-night horror movie scary but right. Sabotaged to an extent by poor sound the interplay between instruments needs more careful preparation than the time allowed they exorcised the increasing cold with cinematic, metallic blocks of noise
Songs from the album [=
Unknown Pleasures] Insight, She's lost control among others, the new single Transmission, and the unrecorded Colony, Dead souls (with a stunning chorus) and the final Sound of music. Two encores, and general dancing
Apply the truism: you should have been there