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Saturday 6 October 1979 concert review

Fanzine: Cripes (UK)

Publication date: October 1979

Reviewer: Brian H



It's been a fine few days for gigs. The Buzzcocks and Joy Division played at the Odeon a week past Saturday [Saturday 6 October 1979] and both were fine. The Buzzcocks certainly got a great reception; one of the most positive I've seen a band get in Edinburgh. I'm not too sure it deserved such wild enthusiasm, somehow their set didn't quite click. The balance seemed strange, especially in cramming the singles ('I don't mind', 'What do I get', etc.) at the beginning, before going into chunks of A Different Kind Of Tension. The set proper closed with an excellent 'I believe' but, as a whole, it wasn't right. It's not that the group were ever dynamic live anyway, but there was a definite distance, not necessarily between group and audience, but between the group themselves. Whatever, it certainly wasn't bad, more disappointing. Still good tho'
Joy Division were stunning, certainly one of this year's success on a major scale and this tour, plus the Something Else piece [
She's lost control], must make them huge. Unknown Pleasures is a great album, but live, the songs are even stronger, coupled with the fun of actually the band play. Ian Curtis is great to watch. What makes Joy Division so good is their ability to challenge and, at the same time, write tunes which are really memorable. The new songs, like Transition [= Transmission] (which will be issued as a single by Factory in about two weeks), are great too. And on new records from them, there are two cuts [Autosuggestion and From safety to where...?] on the new Fast Product Earcom 2, which should be out now