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Formed by Lora Logic, X-Ray Spex's original saxophonist, in 1978, Essential Logic's first single was Aerosol Burns, a punk masterpiece of brash guitar and hiccoughing rhythms
The group delighted in odd, jangling harmonies and eccentric song shapes: Lora Logic's loopy punk vocals (a strong influence on more successful girl groups of the 80s such as Throwing Muses and Fuzzbox) and gorgeously primitive saxophone made Beat Rhythm News (1979) special
Her solo album, Pedigree Charm, had a smoother sound, but her work with Red Crayola had a new harshness and power. Lora Logic later joined the Hare Krishna cult and has now left music altogether

Albums: Beat Rhythm News (1979) | Pedigree Charm (1982)

Date when they played with Joy Division:
Thursday 2 August 1979 Prince of Wales Conference Centre London (Tottenham) (UK)



Line-up: Lora Logic (vocals/saxophone)