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Born 25 January 1949, Salford
With a 1965-style Bob Dylan suit and sunglasses and a quickfire delivery, John Cooper Clarke enjoyed a brief vogue as a 'punk poet'. His compositions showed the influence of the punning wordplay of Roger McGough and also the tougher 'hip' approach of the American beat. He recited his poetry in local folk clubs and working with Rick Goldstraw's group, the Ferretts, he began to mix his poems with musical backing. Rick Goldstraw's involvement with the independent record label, Rabid led, in 1977, to John Cooper Clarke recording the co-produced
Martin Hannett single Psycle Sluts  '... those nubile nihilists of the north circular the lean leonine  leatherette lovelies of the Leeds intersection luftwaffe angels locked in a pagan paradise  no cash a passion for trash...'
With the onset of punk, John Cooper Clarke found himself encountering livelier audiences when he shared a bill with the
Buzzcocks. The popularity of his performances with such audiences led to an increase in the phenomenon of the 'punk poet', giving rise to the careers of such artists as Attila The Stockbroken, Seething Wells and Joolz
After touring with Be-Bop DeLuxe, he was signed to Epic, where Bill Nelson produced his debut album
The single Gimmix was a UK Top 40 hit in 1979. Produced by
Martin Hannett and with backing music by the Invisible Girls, it also appeared on Snap Crackle And Bop, along with Beasley Street, described by one reviewer as 'en English "Desolation Row"'
John Cooper Clarke went into semi-retirement later in the 80s, forming a domestic partnership with ex-Velvet Underground singer Nico
Into the 90s, he remained active on the pub and club circuit and was engaged in various film and book projects

Albums: Disguise In Love (1978) | Snap Crackle And Bop (1979) | Qu'est Le Maison De Fromage (1980) | Me And My Big Mouth (1981) | Zip Style Method (1982)

Dates when he played with Joy Division:
Sunday 29 May 1977 Electric Circus Manchester (UK)
Sunday 2 October 1977 Electric Circus Manchester (UK)
Sunday 17 June 1979 Royalty Theatre London (Holborn) (UK)
Tuesday 19 June 1979 Nuffield Theatre, University Lancaster (UK)
Saturday 23 June 1979 Free Trade Hall Manchester (UK)
Tuesday 3 July 1979 Free Trade Hall Manchester (UK)



Line-up: John Cooper Clarke (vocals)