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The nucleus of this Blackpool group started in November 1978 with brothers Vin Cassidy (electronics/drum machine) and Larry Cassidy (guitar/vocals). In April 1979, a guitarist called Phil joined and Section 25 performed their first gig on 1 June. November of that year saw Phil replaced by Paul. The group then introduced a second drummer, John, and, since they were unable to find a suitable keyboard player, the appropriate passages were recorded on a tape machine, having first been constructed at SSRU, the group's rehearsal studio
The sound engineer, John Hurst, played a decisive role in the group's live sound. Over the next two years they toured Europe extensively and frequently supported Joy Division. Their first single  
Girls don't count  came out in early 1980. After the release of their first album, Paul left after a gig in Helsinki. Lee Shallcross (drums) joined in February 1982 and toured with them in the USA. After their second album emerged on the Factory Records Benelux label, in February 1983, the Cassidys decided to cancel further live shows, drop all their old material and re-think their approach
By August 1983 they returned as a five piece with Angela Flowers (vocals/keyboards) and Jenny Ross (vocals/keyboards), with a first gig in December 1983

Albums: Always Now (1981) | The Key Of Dreams (1982) | From The Hip (1984)

Dates when they played with Joy Division:
Friday 27 July 1979 Imperial Hotel Blackpool (UK)
Saturday 8 December 1979 (afternoon) Eric's Liverpool (UK)
Saturday 8 December 1979 (evening) Eric's Liverpool (UK)
Monday 31 December 1979 Piccadilly Gardens Manchester (UK)
Thursday 7 February 1980 New Osbourne Club Manchester (UK)
Friday 8 February 1980 University College Union London (Bloomsbury) (UK)
Wednesday 20 February 1980 Town Hall High Wycombe (UK)
Friday 29 February 1980 Lyceum Ballroom London (Strand) (UK)
Wednesday 2 April 1980 Moonlight Club London (West Hampstead) (UK)
Friday 4 April 1980 Rainbow Theatre London (Finsbury Park) (UK)
Saturday 5 April 1980 Winter Gardens Malvern (UK)
Tuesday 8 April 1980 Derby Hall Bury (UK)
Saturday 19 April 1980 Ajanta Theatre Derby (UK)



Line-up: Larry Cassidy (guitar/vocals) | Vin Cassidy (electronics/drum machine) | Angela Flowers (vocals/keyboards) | John (drums) | Paul (guitar) | Phil (guitar) | Jenny Ross (vocals/keyboards) | Lee Shallcross (drums)

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Ian had a particular interest in Section 25 and wanted very much to be their producer
(Source: Deborah Curtis Touching from a distance)