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This highly promising Liverpool group was assembled by vocalist Julian Cope, a former member of the Crucial Three, which had featured Ian McCulloch (later of Echo And The Bunnymen) and Pete Wylie (later of Wah!). The Teardrop Explodes took their name from a page in a Marvel comic and the original group came together in late 1978 with a line-up featuring Julian Cope, Michael Finkler, Paul Simpson and Gary Dwyer
After signing to Bill Drummond and Dave Balfe's Liverpool record label Zoo, they issued Sleeping Gas in early 1979. It was soon followed by the eccentric but appealing Bouncing Babies. By then, Paul Simpson had left to be replaced by Dave Balfe, who had previously appeared in the short-lived Lori And The Chameleons
The exuberant Treason (It's Just A Story) was the Teardrop Explodes most commercial and exciting offering to date, and was unlucky not to chart. The shaky line-up next lost Michael Finkler, who was replaced by Alan Gill (formerly of Dalek I Love You)
A distribution deal with Phonogram coincided with a higher press profile for Julian Cope, which was rewarded with the minor hit When I Dream
Kilimanjaro followed and displayed the group as one of the most inventive and intriguing of their era. A repromoted/remixed version of Treason belatedly charted, as did the stirring Passionate Friends
By late 1981, Julian Cope was intent on restructuring the group; new members included Alfie Agius and Troy Tate
Wilder further displayed the wayward talents of Julian Cope and revealed a group bristling with ideas, unusual melodies and strong arrangements influenced by late 60s psychedelia
When the sessions for a third album broke down, Julian Cope curtailed the group's activities and in 1984 embarked on a erratic yet often inspired solo career
The irreverently-title Everybody Wants To Shag The Teardrop Explodes was posthumously exhumed for released in 1990

Albums: Kilimanjaro (1980) | Wilder (1981) | Everybody Wants To Shag The Teardrop Explodes (1990)

Dates when they played with Joy Division:
Thursday 2 August 1979 Prince of Wales Conference Centre London (Tottenham) (UK)
Monday 27 August 1979 Rock & Music Festival Leigh (UK)
Friday 28 September 1979 Russel Club Manchester (UK)



Line-up: Dave Balfe (keyboards) | Julian Cope (vocals) | Michael Finkler (guitar) | Alan Gill (guitar) | Paul Simpson (1978/1979) (keyboards) | Gary Dwyer (drums)