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Real name: Horace Swaby
Birth: Monday 21 June 1954
- St. Andrew (Jamaica)
Death: Tuesday 18 May 1999.
University Hospital - Kingston (Jamaica)



Augustus Pablo's importance as a producer, composer and musician is monumental. As one of the prime architects of dub music he changed the course of reggae and initiated musical currents which shaped dance music, hip-hop. A highly creative musician on piano, organ, clarinet and synthesizer, he virtually single-handedly established the melodica - a harmonica with a keyboard, previously considered nothing more than a child's toy - as a serious musical instrument. His melodic genius shaped the distinctive "far east" sound, a sinuous, haunting, minor-key, sometime modal sonic palette
Influenced by Augustus Pablo, especially his melodica,
Ian Curtis played this instrument on In a lonely place during rehearsals in April 1980 (and probably used it live since September 1979)
He had hits in Jamaica as Junior Delgado's producer in the mid-80's, and he continued releasing his own instrumental recordings well into 90's, adding digital technology to his older style
When Augustus Pablo died, he was only known to a modest cult of fans
- a world-wide cult nonetheless - despite having produced two of the greatest reggae masterpieces of all time: King tubby meets the rockers uptown and East of the river nile. To a large degree this can be explained by Augustus Pablo's reclusive nature. He rarely performed outside of the studio. He was quiet, very serious and self-effacing and had no interest at all in being a "star." Those who knew him always mention his devotion to music; he was always working on new music and devoted little or no energy to promotion of himself or his music
Augustus Pablo was not a musician-for-hire; he only worked on projects which were meaningful to him and unlike top Jamaican session players his name did not appear on endless hundreds of albums. As a devout Rastafarian, he was prone to attribute the production of an album to Haile Selassie and many of his recordings were imbued with spiritual meaning



Augustus Pablo




Ian Curtis was fan of Augustus Pablo's music