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Licht und Blindheit 7" review

Magazine: Melody Maker (UK)

Publication date: Saturday 5 April 1980

Reviewer: Chris Bohn



Ambitiously placing Joy Division in a Romantic Gothic context, the French label has put together limited edition package, complete with a mystic mountain picture folder and extensive notes, by one Jean-Pierre Turmel, full of references to poetic predecessors like the German Kleist. Despite the florid language, he perhaps comes closest to summing up their appeal, putting their music "at the intersection of luminous and dark worlds, between silence and the cry." It's an apt description for the excellent Atmosphere, a song sustained by a disquieting synthesizer landscape, undermined by deep, gloomy tom-tom drumming and topped by a fine Ian Curtis vocal. Dead souls achieves a certain intensity which is dissipated a bit by cloudier instrumentation. Nevertheless, a package well worth searching out