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Preston 28 February 1980 CD review

Magazine: Uncut (UK)

Publication date: July 1999

Reviewer: Peter Huxley



Shambolic gig retrieved from the Factory archives
Less than three months before
Ian Curtis's untimely death, Joy Division ventured north of Manchester to play in Preston, Lancashire, which, by their own admission, was "the worst fucking gig we ever did". What this recording does reveal is that the most cataclysmically significant group of the Eighties had the technical back-up of a third-rate pub band
Hooky's bass amp gives up the ghost midway through the third number, Twenty four hours, rendering the song all but unlistenable. The band struggle on manfully for the remainder of the set, as the rest of their equipment gradually collapses. Ian Curtis offers a perfunctory apology "some slight problems," he says, which, as the events of the next few months would prove, was the understatement of the century