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01. Love will tear us apart
Duration: 3.25

Studio: Strawberry Studios – Stockport (UK)
Recording date:
March 1980

02. These days
Duration: 3.21

Studio: Pennine Sound Studios – Oldham (UK)
Recording date:
Tuesday 8 January 1980

03. Love will tear us apart
Duration: 3.14

Studio: Pennine Sound Studios – Oldham (UK)
Recording date:
Tuesday 8 January 1980



Line-up: Ian Curtis | Peter Hook | Stephen Morris | Bernard Sumner

Producer: Martin Hannett
Sound e
ngineer: Martin Hannett

Total duration: 10.00 minutes



This 7" was later released as a 12" record



Record (point your mouse on the record to see its back)


UK: Factory Records
7" (Friday 27 June 1980)

Design: Peter Saville



A: Don't disillusion me
B: I've only got record shops left



Everyone thought that Love Will Tear Us Apart had a tombstone on the front, whereas it was in fact a small piece of rusted metal, etched with words. It was, like the statue on the front of Closer, an image that had been decided on a long time before Ian died, and with both it was decided to maintain the original idea
Peter Saville)




UK: Factory Records (FAC 23) – Friday 27 June 1980: test pressing and promo version also available
Australia: Gap Records (FAC 23): promo version also available (dated: February 1981)
France: Factory Records (101579)
Germany: Metronome Musik GmbH (0030.337)
: promo version also available
New Zealand: RTC (FAC 23): record imported from UK, with sleeve printed by RTC in New Zealand
Poland: TonPress (S-590) – 1989: different sleeve than the UK version (photo: Alec Januszewski)
Portugal: Vimusica (VFac 110-13) – 1989
Spain: Edigsa (19P0095) – 1981: promo version for DJ only; test pressing also available (in plain white sleeve with label information)
USA: Factory Records US Product (FAC 23 US): similar labels as the UK version with "US" mention
USA: Zomba Music Publishing Ltd (L 5717/Facus 23): test pressing also available



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