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Studio version


3, 4... Warsaw!

Don't talk to me girl, you know it's not nice
Don't laugh at murder, I won't pay the price
The facts are too high-powered, it's such a big thrill
I'd do it myself cause it makes you so ill

Blame bad things on me, whatever you do
When I come home my world is different from you
You're such a chic tart, you're really dressed up
Don't wanna talk to you, just left with your mum

Don't be a puppet, always rush you around
One just for your photo, try and tie me down
I won't tell him I talk like this all night
He must be worried cause you're sounding so trite

Respect is only normal, the way to your lives
Ever tried to sleep around, once I begged for a wife
Wouldn't have to change you, start acting that way
If we don't keep our heads alive, I'll never get a say
You know what's special, it's as black as I say
Can you see me, just ourselves, no comment, copycat!



Translation: Italiano



Line-up: Steve Brotherdale | Ian Curtis | Peter Hook | Bernard Sumner



Initial title was Gutz for garters. Very first song of the band, written by Peter Hook and Bernard Sumner, except for the lyrics

Gutz and Warsaw are the only two songs where Ian Curtis starts to sing before the music begins



Date: Monday 18 July 1977
Studio: Pennine Sound Studios Oldham (UK)
Duration: 1.56

Availability on record: