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Concert version

I remember nothing

We were strangers
We were strangers for way too long
Violent, violent, were strangers
Get weak all the time
We just pass the time
Me in my own world
Yeah, you there beside
The gaps are enormous
We stare from each side
We were strangers for way too long

Violent, more violent his hand cracks the chair
Moves on reaction, then slumps in despair
Trapped in a cage and surrendered too soon
Me in my own world, the one that you knew
For way too long
We were strangers for way too long



Studio version



Line-up: Ian Curtis | Peter Hook | Stephen Morris | Bernard Sumner
Ian Curtis played the guitar, and Bernard Sumner the keyboard



Studio recording

Date: Monday 16 October 1978
Venue: Band on the Wall Manchester (UK)
Duration: 6.24

Availability on record:

Date: Wednesday 14 March 1979
Venue: Bowdon Vale Youth Club Altrincham (UK)
Duration: 4.36

Availability on record:

Date: Saturday 8 September 1979
Venue: Queens Hall (Futurama) Leeds (UK)
Duration: 4.19

Availability on record:

Date: Friday 26 October 1979
Venue: Electric Ballroom London (Camden) (UK)
Duration: 6.03

Availability on record:

Date: Sunday 28 October 1979
Venue: Apollo Theatre Manchester (UK)
Duration: 8.18

Availability on record:
Availability on video: Here Are The Young Men

Date: Tuesday 30 October 1979
Venue: New Theatre Oxford (UK)
Duration: unknown

Availability on record:

Date: Friday 2 November 1979
Venue: Winter Gardens Bournemouth (UK)
Duration: 5.23

Availability on record: Heart And Soul