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Unseen version

Johnny 23

Door slides upon
Johnny laughs
A view from above
Sticks his head
Out of the window and dries his eyes

I remember a winter sometime ago
Angular patterns formed deep in the ground
Where someone
once stood
White on black
White on white
Echoed voices bouncing off the buildings around

A ramp to the trees and trees all around
I remember a tear, frozen white on white
I remember nothing
A grey saloon
Johnny sighs
Winds down the window and stares at the road

Some things never make sense
A fear of stepping out
Crouches shivering in the corner, blanket round your shoulder
Hot then cold, cold then warm, pulse is racing, slowly racing - stopped
I remember nights spent listening to until dawn
I remember nothing

Door slowly opens
Johnny sits on his bed
Lays down and dies