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First studio version


When people listen to you don't you know it means a lot
Cause you've got to work so hard for everything you've got
Can't rest on your laurels now, not when you've got none
You'll find yourself in a gutter, right back where you came from

Someone told me being in the know is the main thing
We all need the security that belonging brings
Can't stand on your own in these times against all the odds
I don't want to act uncool like all the other sods

You slap our backs and pretend you knew
About all the things that we were gonna do
What ya gonna do, what ya gonna do when it's over?

You're all on your own now, don't you think that it's a shame?
But you're the only one responsible to take
the blame
When ya gonna grow up and act and be yourself
Cause pretty soon you'll find yourself nailed to the shelf

Grab it while you can but don't ever relax
Cause there's always someone gonna stab your back
What ya gonna do, what ya gonna do when it's over?



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Line-up: Ian Curtis | Peter Hook | Stephen Morris | Bernard Sumner



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Date: Monday 1–Thursday 4 May 1978
Studio: Arrow Studios – Manchester (UK)
Duration: 3.49

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