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Unseen version


He desires love, in some special way
Against all perversion
Fed with fruits of decay
He remembers
How the guilty have seen
All the pure but selfish
Buried deep in his

He sees a vision in the sky
Looking down at him
Calling him by name
Yeah he sees faces from yesterday
what might have been
But the past must still remain

He desires love
Not some perfect affair
In hotels of steel and glass
Just to cross on the stairs
But he can still see
All the
angels in time
As his
dreams of ecstasy
Turned to nightmares of crime

He sees a vision in the sky
Looking down at him
How the past will still remain
Yeah he sees a vision
in the sky
Staring down at him
He'll always see the same

Sure I'll see you down
You do for me I did for you
Cure just takes you down
We're down for good that's understood