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Studio version

The kill

Life can be skewed, good things are nice
Counting on you, really no threats
The waiting is through,
deciphering the scars
Just who fooled who, sit still in their cars
It's another, 'nother, 'nother, 'nother kill

I can smell through you, your talking's a lie
They turn on to you, before they say "Die!"
Wrapped in your trunk to reach out the safe case
So I can detect the longer it's taking
It's another, 'nother, 'nother, 'nother kill

Dangerous cues set by distraction
Deprived of all use, nor in satisfaction
Total destruction, the worst ever met
Kept in apartment, sublimely for you

Who's got the front stage to keep you in rocks?
Who's got the vision that puts in the locks?
Loss of all resource, forced into your head
Just that it was whacked into the air
It's another, 'nother, 'nother, 'nother kill

Kill, huh



Eponymous studio version | Eponymous concert version

Translation: Italiano



Line-up: Steve Brotherdale | Ian Curtis | Peter Hook | Bernard Sumner



Date: Monday 18 July 1977
Studio: Pennine Sound Studios Oldham (UK)
Duration: 3.06

Availability on record:

Note: a
n eponymous song appears on Still, recorded between 30 March and mid April 1979. Only its title is the same; both the lyrics and the music are totally different