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Unseen version

Untitled (#6)

Searching for some other way
To bring some small relief
Never to be satisfied
And snatch at all beliefs

Didn't have the energy
To make up for my part
Everything seemed easy but
I didn't have the heart

Things that on the surface
Seemed so very much the same
But once you've
made the move
So long nothing else remains

So afraid to make a break
For fear of what I'd do
It can cause repressive
When they put
the blame on you

I know now just where I stand
These thoughts will never cross
Victim of security
Hoping to get lost

But you've worked the whole machine
And never missed out much
staring in the mirror
Trying so hard not to push

Put you on a wooden cross
Nailed reasons to your hand
Covered in self-pity
Maybe now you'll understand