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Date: Monday 18 July 1977

Studio: Pennine Sound Studios Oldham (UK)



At a later date
Duration: 3.11

Availability on record:

Note: this song was included in the project of song list for Heart And Soul, but finally did not appear on the final version

Duration: 1.56

Availability on record:

Note: i
nitial title was Gutz for garters. Very first song of the band, written by Peter Hook and Bernard Sumner, except for the lyrics

Inside the line
Duration: 2.42

Availability on record:

The kill
Duration: 3.06

Availability on record:

Note: a
n eponymous song appears on Still, recorded between Friday 30 March and mid April 1979. Only its title is the same; lyrics and music are totally different

You're no good for me
Duration: 2.00

Availability on record:



Line-up: Steve Brotherdale | Ian Curtis | Peter Hook | Bernard Sumner

Producer: Warsaw

This studio session was done with drummer Steve Brotherdale. This is the only studio session recorded with a drummer other than Stephen Morris



Number of tracks recorded: 5

Total duration of session: 12.55 minutes

Average track duration: 2.35 minutes

Other dates when the band recorded in this studio: Wednesday 14 December 1977 | Monday 4 June 1979 | Tuesday 8 January 1980