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Date: March 1980

Studio: Strawberry Studios – Stockport (UK)



Love will tear us apart
Duration: 3.22

Availability on record:
Heart And Soul | Love Will Tear Us Apart (7") | Love Will Tear Us Apart (12") | Love Will Tear Us Apart (1995) | Substance
Note: this song
was not entirely finished during this session, but was reworked and mixed between Tuesday 18 and Sunday 30 March 1980 at the Britannia Row Studios, while the band was recording Closer. This song is played slower than the Tuesday 8 January 1980 version recorded at the Pennine Sound Studios

She's lost control
Duration: 4.51

Availability on record:
Atmosphere 12" (FACUS 2/UK) | Heart And Soul | Substance
Note: this song
has got an additional verse, which was not included in the earlier version recorded at Strawberry Studios between Friday 30 March and mid April 1979



Line-up: Ian Curtis | Peter Hook | Stephen Morris | Bernard Sumner

Producer: Martin Hannett

Sound engineer: Martin Hannett

This version of Love will tear us apart was played slower than the version recorded on Tuesday 8 January 1980 at the Pennine Sound Studios



Number of tracks recorded: 2

Total duration of session: 8.13 minutes

Average track duration: 4.07 minutes

Other dates when the band recorded in this studio: Saturday 28 July–Saturday 4 August 1979 | Friday 30 March–mid April 1979